Owen Marshall’s short story “Prince Valiant,” is a very confronting story for any reader based around a stereotypical farmer in New Zealand. The novel could be broken into sections firstly the author describing the classic state of a New Zealand farmers quarters. Told from a first person perspective by Owen Marshall in the quarters was […]

Question One: White is represented to be the snowy weather and the coldness of the event that is taking place. This colour imagery makes me think everyone is very cold and the characters have a certain innocence like this colour is controlling their minds and bodies. White gives a feeling of softness maybe hence referring […]

Markus Zusak has clever used Death as the narrator of the text, hinting its mindset and personality throughout the text. For example during the beginning of the text he says “You will know me well enough and soon enough, depending on a diverse range of variables,” shows that all humans will eventually meet him. Saying well […]

Markus Zusak’s, The Book Thief,’  is a clever play on words making me the reader “hate the words and love them.” Told from a third person view, which is death, mainly focuses on the protagonist, Leisel Meigner. Death is at its peak of doing its job as it is set during World War 2, hence […]

In the poem “Memorial Tablet,” written by Siegfried Sassoon firstly questions in the perspective of the poet is telling it from, like he’s looking over himself, like he’s died in “glorious memory.” The poem looks upon the life of himself as a soldier, and hence maybe the stereotypical soldier, who has been bullied into applying. […]

How is the idea of “exposure” (been dangerously exposed to the natural elements weather) represented in the poem. How is the weather presented as an enemy? Firstly exposure to the freezing weather is represented as at the beginning of the poem through the the first line “iced east winds that knife us.” This idea shows […]

Identify 5/6 examples of language techniques used in this poem. Explain why you think these examples (and techniques) were used. What ideas, experiences, events and atmosphere do they convey? simile “watching, we hear the gusts tugging on the wire, Like twitching agonies of men among its brambles.” repetition “But nothing happens…. but nothing happens” personification […]

The role of the author What can you determine/understand about writer of this text? What does he want the reader to experience or understand? Wilfred owen wants the reader to experience the effect that young boys going to war had on there familys. And the emotional effect for families when there son past away. He […]

Wilfred Owen presents images throughout the text for example firstly he describes “innocent.” This descriptions shows and affects my underling that the events occurred were such horror that they did not deserve this, the word innocence shows that they are powerless, meaning that the event occurring is on a ridiculous scale of intensity and power. […]

Why our generation aren’t making the most of what is surrounding us. Who actually goes home and goes out an does something, I know I don’t because of the constant overflow of homework, the need to chill, the I can’t be bothered I’ll do it tomorrow. The thing that is stopping this is the need […]