The role of the author What can you determine/understand about writer of this text? What does he want the reader to experience or understand? Wilfred owen wants the reader to experience the effect that young boys going to war had on there familys. And the emotional effect for families when there son past away. He […]

Wilfred Owen presents images throughout the text for example firstly he describes “innocent.” This descriptions shows and affects my underling that the events occurred were such horror that they did not deserve this, the word innocence shows that they are powerless, meaning that the event occurring is on a ridiculous scale of intensity and power. […]

Why our generation aren’t making the most of what is surrounding us. Who actually goes home and goes out an does something, I know I don’t because of the constant overflow of homework, the need to chill, the I can’t be bothered I’ll do it tomorrow. The thing that is stopping this is the need […]

In the text Champion by Marie Lu which is the third book in the series of Legend, is a dystopian book in the future based in America which in the text is split into the Colonies (west) and the Republicans (East) but floods have enclosed some of the landscape like New York. The text is […]

Spoken language shows the way language is changed through different individuals in both online and personally in spoken language. Language is continually changing and can show great examples of how correct English rules are broken to express people, show their identity, for clarity, and can be revealed between ages, gender and groups. An example of […]

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