13th May 2018

Narration of Death

Markus Zusak has clever used Death as the narrator of the text, hinting its mindset and personality throughout the text. For example during the beginning of the text he says “You will know me well enough and soon enough, depending on a diverse range of variables,” shows that all humans will eventually meet him. Saying well enough could mean that he has like a physical feeling and you will know exactly how it feels, and know that there is no way of escaping its grasp and that feeling. Death almost is saying this in a tone like it has become repetitive or embarrassed about It. This is not stereotypical of what most people would imagine or think death to be like. It shows that Markus Zusak may have experienced something in his life, and there was no way of it escaping no matter how hard they fought death. The author may have used this character in a way of saying that during these times it was very likely you were going to face this narration of death. Zusak may have used this message to highlight the key point that death would see so many different ways of dying which was not just the killing of the Jews but also Germany’s own people too, due to starvation because of the amount of resources that was being pumped into the soldiers.

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