1st September 2017


Why our generation aren’t making the most of what is surrounding us.

Who actually goes home and goes out an does something, I know I don’t because of the constant overflow of homework, the need to chill, the I can’t be bothered I’ll do it tomorrow. The thing that is stopping this is the need and obsession to spend 2 hours plus on your phone a day.  Our generation is not making the most of our surroundings and environment, which is disadvantages us for the rest off life.

Children spend on average 5.5 hours on weekdays in the outdoors that’s half of what our parents on average did at our age. It sucks to think we aren’t making the most of our surroundings  for example our town Wanaka. I mean who can actually say they have gone and done Mt Roy recently. We are distracted from whats around us from our school work and our phones that we can’t seem to get away from. At the ages we are at in our lives, we are constantly hearing the nagging of our parents “those are the best day of your lives, make the most of them,” or “man I wish I could go back to school days.” We seem to let this slip by. Next time you hear your parents say that, actually think about it don’t let your mind let it past and carry on with that snapchat to your friend, who you have never actually talked to in person. Just think two years we are in the real world by ourselves committed to jobs or university and have the little freedom we have at this age. Not judging or coming to conclusions but I feel like we are taking for granted this beautiful place we live in Wanaka. Look it up on the Wikipedia, search Wanaka, “many outdoor opportunities.” We are ringed in these activities here. Trust me go out and do something you feel better. Enjoy it. By doing these we are relived from stress, I mean what a better to place to do that then here. Our bodies loose and have lower body levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. I’ll be honest it almost feels like you can feel it. Our town is backed by endless opportunities to do these things, Mt iron, Mt Roy, sticky forest, deans bank, even the outlet river track. These places are places isolated from our everyday life, it’s almost like a barrier.

You probably right now think I am some hippy dude that loves nature, your probably blanked out thinking we get it Jesse Wanaka has things to do. But The benefit of doing these activities is unbelievable. Our generation, because of technology obesity has increased by 27.9 percent. Its said in future in comparison with our parents generation we will be less productive, we are said to have it easier because of the funding and technology as we move on in our careers, and our parents generation does a lot more hard work to achieve it. The reason they are more hands on is because the amount of time they spent in the outdoors as kids. They learnt things, they had fun. Your attention span by spending at least 20 minutes in the outside increases, Researchers found that during any season your short-term memory also increases by 20%. This point is relevant as from my own personal experience, other people can vouch in this room id say.




Strawman – you probably think I am some hippy dude that loves nature right now

False cause

Naming someone of a higher power who does this.

Composition fallacy

Give personal example

Bandwagon fallacy


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  1. Jesse, We discussed improving the impact of the beginning of this speech by perhaps quoting a range of stereotypes that are made about young people – and then agreeing with them.



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